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Master in Colon-rectal surgery

Master in Colon-rectal surgery
During the last 10 years we dedicated almost exclusively to colon-rectal surgery and, thanks to this personal experience and to the increased number of meetings with Italian and foreign Colleagues, we have recongnized the need for this “dedition”.
In particular in the States all the most important hospitals have wards dedicated to colon-rectal surgery.
In Italy our ward, at the National Institute for Tumors in Milan, is perhaps the only one with a specific acivity for the treatment of colon-rectal tumors.

Starting from the first Master, on February 2001, two courses take place every year, the first in Spring and the second in Autumn. Masters made have been attended by about one hundred Italian oncologists.

The Master lasts 2 months ans a half and it consists both in theoretical and practical lessons here at the institute and live video-conferences from New York with Prof. Jeffrey Milsom, from Boston with Prof. Ronald Bleday, from Trieste with Prof. Nicolò de Manzini, and others.
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