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Master in Colon-rectal surgery

Master in Colon-rectal surgery
Main courses
Surgical anatomy, physiology and functional evaluation, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, diagnostic radiology, macro- and microscopic pathologic anatomy, teaching of laparoscopic surgery, teaching of endoscopic surgery (TEM), colon and sigma laparotomy surgery, medium and upper rectum laparotomy surgery, distal rectum laparotomy surgery, surgical and medical therapy of anal tumors, surgical technique of colostomy, management of “colostomized” patients, psyco-social aspect of “colostomized” patients, radiant treatment of colon-rectal tumors, medical treatment of colon-rectal tumors, bio-genetic aspects of colon-rectal tumors, immunology and immuno- stimulating therapies, surgery of the pre-neoplastic forms and polyposis, anal-rectal functionality.

After the 2-week intensive course all participants attend a 2-month training at the Colon-Rectal Surgery Operative Unit of the National Institute for Tumors in Milan, in accordance with the hospitals or universities they belong to.

Seat of the Master
Unità Colon-Rectal Surgery Operative Unit
Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori

Via Venezian, 1 20133 Milan
Phone: 02 23902489, Fax: 02 23903228
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