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Master in Colon-rectal surgery

Areco, Association for the European Research in Oncological Surgery ONLUS organizes some intensive courses in order to promote the teaching of diagnostic and therapeutical methodologies to treat colon-rectal tumors.

Master length
This Master includes a 2-week intensive course at the National Institute for Tumors in Milan, 2-month attendance at the Colon-Rectal Surgery Operative Unit and the participation in the Yearly Congress.

10 participants are admitted in each course; the unquestionable selection criteria are fixed by the Institute teaching Staff on the basis of a Curriculum the applicants have to send as an enclosure along with the entry form.

The president of this master
Ermanno LEO, Milan

Course costs
Euro 1.549,00

The registration fee includes
Teaching aids; theoretic Lessons; practical Lessons in Operating Room; satellite Lessons from national and international centres; Literature; Video Cassettes; final Examination; Attendance Certificate.

Master seat
Colon-Rectal Surgery Operative Unit
National Institute for Tumors

Via Venezian, 1 - 20133 Milan
phone 02 23902489, fax 02 23903228
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