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Association for the European Research in Oncological Surgery

Areco - Association for the European Research in Oncological Surgery
The Association has a voluntary character without lucrative objects and it intends to support itself with the donations of members, public and private bodies and everybody who is interested in promoting the activity of the Association itself, as well as the returns of the selling of materials published by the Association.

The object of the Association, in Italy and abroad, is to realize and promote surgical studies, in particular of colon-rectal oncology, which target is the treatment of tumour respecting the life quality of men.

In order to get this aim the Association embark on all the enterprises the assembly thinks to be neccessary, such as the promotion and organization of courses of surgical teaching, meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars and debates, as well as all the activities conncted to the above quoted enterprises and the publishing activities, excluded the newspaper publication.

During these years, the results that the curative but conservative surgery which is respectful of the life quality of patients, allowed to make six international symposium on conservative surgery of the tumours of rectum.

The 6th, in November 2004 was attended by more than thousand surgeons from all over the world.

A.R.E.C.O. was born to institutionalize and make national this enterprise, unique in its specificity, as well as to set up a Surgery Master School for training and make Italian and foreign surgeons deal with each other, directly in the field of these surgical techniques.

All this has been made for obtaining, in the third millenium, the so wished reduction, or disappearance of demolitive surgery of the tumours of rectum. Such an ambitious object requires partecipation and support by everybody so that the sicks win on the disease and then the society has again healed but not frustrated people, ready to take back their own social and affective role.
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